Ms. Major's Art Gallery

Our Walton Ferry Art program provides students with an opportunity to practice academic skills using fine artworks as a content base. Students will have a knowledge of art concepts that help to improve academic skills.

The words of the language of art are the elements of art.These elements are line, shape, form, space, color, texture, and value.They are the building blocks an artist uses to create a work of art.

Visual art is organized according to rules. The rules for organizing the elements of art are called the Principles of Design, which are rhythm, balance, proportion, emphasis, variety, harmony, and unity.  These principles are really guidelines for artists.  When students learn these guidelines, they can understand what they are creating.  

We are always creating in the art room. Student art is displayed throughout the building.  In the spring we have an art display at Volunteer State College in Gallatin, usually it is in the month of March.

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