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    Welcome to Walton Ferry Elementary


Dear Parent/Guardian,

As we come to the close of this challenging and unique school year, we want to remind you that if your student has medication in the school clinic it will need to be picked up by you, or a designated adult. Your school pick-up days will be the day of your scheduled curbside pick-up, PLEASE SEE CURBSIDE PICK UP FLYER PROVIDED BY YOUR TEACHER OR ON THE WEBSITE. Your school nurse will be available to return any of your child’s clinic supplies and medication. If you have any questions about medication pick-up please email the school nurse at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


If your child will attend Sumner County Schools next school year and, in an effort to maintain your child’s continuity of healthcare, take this opportunity to pick up health plans and prescription medication forms for the upcoming year. These forms must be completed annually and will need to be given to your school nurse prior to the first day of the 2020-21 school year.


We wish you and your family a safe and healthy Summer and can’t wait to see our students this Fall.


Kind Regards and Best Wishes,


Tara Perer RN

School Nurse

Hello Parents, 

My name is Terina Curtis and I am the head cheer coach at Hawkins Middle School. Thank you for being patient with us as we try to navigate a new way of living due to COVID-19 and social distancing. With this in mind we have been provided with a new avenue for conducting cheerleading tryouts. We have set up a Band App that will provide all information needed as we go forth. The link is listed below.  


Last year we had three 6th graders make the team and we are excited to see the talent in this rising 6th grade class. Parents, please read all information provided before giving your consent. VIDEO SUBMISSIONS OPEN APRIL 28th and CLOSE MAY 1st. 

Due to the Stay at Home Act there, HMS Cheer is unable to hold a clinic to prep for tryouts. With that in mind, we have provided a few YouTube videos to assist with tryout preparation. Please see the HMS Cheer website for video tutorials. Please advise your child to be careful while working on their skills.  

Eligibility and Membership Requirements 

• Candidate must be currently enrolled or planning to attend HMS during the upcoming school year.

• Candidate must have satisfactory conduct. 

• All candidates must have passed all subjects with at least a 75% average in each class the preceding nine-week grading period (3rd quarter grades) in order to participate in the clinics and tryouts.  

Other Extra Activities: 

 • Candidates who plan on participating in the HMS cheer program as well as other athletics, band, choir, or any other extracurricular activity must realize each program’s responsibilities and commitments. Members must be able to comply with each program’s requirements. Before a decision is reached to participate in multiple activities, the student and parent/guardian(s) may wish to confer with other sponsors and coaches to fully understand the obligations and expectations.

• The HMS cheer squad comes before any non-school cheer squad and other non-school activities. Absences from HMS cheer events and functions will not be excused as a result of non-school activities unless prior approval was obtained by the cheer coaches. Absences from HMS cheer events and functions due to non-school cheer activities will not be excused. 

• We try our best to work with sponsors here at HMS and local non-school programs.  


Tryouts are conducted as fairly as possible. A panel of judges who are not employed at or affiliated with Hawkins Middle School will select the final squad. Judges will rate candidates on their performance of the dance, cheer, tumbling, and jumps. The squad will consist of sixth, seventh and eighth grade students. No specific minimum number is set; however, no more than twenty candidates will be selected for the squad.  

Please be advised that, special consideration will not be given to those who have previously cheered at HMS, positions are not preselected nor are they guaranteed. For the tryouts, participants are not allowed to wear any apparel indicating that they have previously been Hawkins cheerleaders. 

When submitting the tryout video: candidates are required to wear a plain white t-shirt and black athletic shorts. No jewelry will be worn at any time, and hair should be pulled back away from face and secured in a low ponytail.  

• Tryouts will consist of performing skills in front of a panel of impartial and qualified judges.

• All skills will be graded based on the level of perfected execution. There are 7 categories: 

 1. Cheer

 2. Sideline

 3. Dance

 4. Jumps

 5. Tumbling

 6. Technique 

 7. Showmanship (spirit, voice projection, and memory).

• All cheers and routines necessary for tryouts are located on the HMS Cheer website. 

• Only the candidates who receive the highest scores from the judges will be selected. 

Results will be posted in the HMS Cheerleading Instagram and HMS website. 

Good Luck to all the candidates, 


Coach Curtis 


Friday, April 24, 2020

Dear Families,

We want to wrap up our fourth week of distance learning by celebrating the progress we have all made as a community to bring virtual instruction to life for your students. Students and families have been regularly accessing weekly curricular content and communications through our Sumner Connect site. 

Our K-5 students are even more actively engaged in ELA and math learning (up to 3 hours per day) through the Great Minds On the Go Website.  Finally, teachers have enjoyed connecting with students for additional support during their daily Office Hours.

During Week 4, students will:

     Continue with their designated progression of lessons in math

     Continue with their designated reading and writing ELA lessons

     Engage in new extracurricular activities in music, art, and STEM

     Participate in daily physical fitness activities

     Share work and/or assignments with their teacher for feedback

Please remember that you can always contact your child’s teacher or our administrative team with any questions or concerns, and you can expect a response within 24 hours. We truly appreciate your continued partnership as we work to continuously improve our approach to distance learning and make sure that our students and families have everything they need during these challenging times.

 We are all in this together!

Be well,


Bertie Alligood, Principal

Walton Ferry Elementary

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Frequently Asked Questions during COVID-19 School Closure



Watch Weekly Facebook Live Videos on Thursdays at 6 pm with Mr. Scott Langford, Assistant Director of Schools for Instruction


Information on this page will be updated regularly as more information becomes available.  Please check back often.


Updated April 22, 2020


How long will District schools be closed as a result of the recent developments of COVID-19?  

Based on Governor Bill Lee’s recommendation, Sumner County Schools will be closed for the remainder of the school year. 

Will my child advance to the next grade? 

Almost all of our children will progress to the next grade. We will work next year to address missed learning opportunities from our current closure. Students will only be retained on a case by case basis. 

When will Kindergarten registration take place?

Kindergarten registration will be held on June 24, 2020. 

How will registration work for next year?

Online registration will begin on July 6, 2020. Schools will set student orientation at a later date. 

Will SCS students have an extended school year since we have been out so long?

The Tennessee Legislature waived the required 180 days of annual classroom instruction due the Coronavirus. Therefore, school systems are not required to make up days missed due to the public health emergency.  Chronic absenteeism and truancy will not be counted this year.   


Should I get my Out of Zone paperwork complete?

No. Out of Zone paperwork will be addressed at a later date. Communication will be shared when this needs to be completed.


Will school daycares be open this summer? 

School daycares will open on June 1, 2020. 

My child still has personal items in his school. When will students be able to return to clean out their desks/lockers?

Once Governor Lee’s Stay at Home order expires on April 30, schools will schedule a time for parents and students to retrieve their belongings beginning the week of May 11. 

What about yearbooks?

Many schools have teams currently working on their respective yearbooks. Schools are working with their yearbook vendor to make yearbooks available for pickup during the scheduled student belonging pickup time starting May 11. 

What about TNReady or End of Course Assessments (all state assessments)?

No state assessments will be given this semester.  This includes TNReady, TCAP, End of Course, or any other state assessment.


Lessons/Learning at Home

How do I know what my student should be working on while we are out of school?

SCS curriculum specialists and teachers are working together to prepare resources and activities for all students. Please visit Sumner Connect on the Sumner Schools webpage to follow daily lessons in each subject area.

My child’s school is not showing on Sumner Connect?

Most schools are utilizing the district plan for Sumner Connect.  However, if your child’s school opted to have their own plan, the school name is specifically listed on the Sumner Connect page. For all schools following Sumner Connect, click on the appropriate grade band under “District-Wide Materials” to see the grade level plan for your child.

How much time should my student spend learning each day?

Be charitable with your day.  Families are trying to balance working from home and helping their children with learning.  Families can be flexible with their day, moving different lessons around to share technology, work around meals, and a parent’s work day.

Kindergarten - 2nd grade = approximately 2 hours of learning a day

3rd - 8th grade = approximately 3 hours of learning a day


Who has created the lessons?

A combination of principals, supervisors, and teachers have worked in grade-band specific teams to create lessons and activities for each week.  

Are lessons mandatory?

No, but students are highly encouraged to keep learning so they do not lose ground during the closure.

Why aren’t students being graded during this time? 

Because of this pandemic, many families in Sumner County are experiencing an uncertainty that is unprecedented. While some teachers may be able to provide regular, structured online classes with students capable of participating, many of our students, families and staff are not able to do that. Because not all students can adhere to the standard that graded online classes would bring and because some grades might be adversely affected by use of an unfamiliar platform, no attendance will be required and no grades will be given.  We know that with varied student, family and teacher needs during this time while schools are closed in Tennessee, it’s not appropriate to hold everyone accountable.  However, teachers have been asked to provide feedback on selected student work.

How do we hear from our teachers?

Teachers are using a variety of methods to contact families. Students should check their sumnerk12.net email account so they can see their emails and work within any Google Classrooms. Some teachers are also setting up Zoom meetings or sending messages through their classroom Facebook pages. Reach out to your teacher via email if you have not already heard from them.

Are the lessons required?

Sumner Connect has been created to provide at-home learning during this time of school closure. These lessons are intended to help students continue their academic progress. Learning and lessons are not required but are highly encouraged. Students and families should take full advantage of the academic resources that are available.

What if I don’t have Internet access at my house

Free Wi-Fi access is currently available at three school campuses: HHS parking lot near Cherokee Road, GHS in the front parking area, and in the parking lot by the gym at North Sumner Elementary.  Also, Comcast is offering free Internet access for 60 days for qualified families. Click here for details.

In addition, PBS will be televising 20 lessons per week in Math and ELA for grades 1-8.  These lessons are available from 10-12 each weekday.  A schedule of weekly lessons can be found at https://www.tn.gov/education/pbsteaching.html and all episodes can be found on the Department of Education's YouTube channel



How does Sumner County know if they are reaching every student?


Each teacher has been asked to be in contact with every child at least once a week.  Teachers have also been asked to submit names of students they have not been able to reach so district personnel can ensure the safety and health of all Sumner County students.


What about my child, who is in CDC?


Case managers and teachers will be checking in with each student/family and sharing appropriate resources for activity and enrichment. The Special Education Department and teams are working diligently to assist with connecting resources to families as those are communicated during check in communications. 


If schools are closed due to COVID-19, will student support services be provided?

Per guidance from the U.S. Department of Education, all special education and section 504 services will be suspended during a school closure. Once schools are back in session, SCS will fully implement required services. Any other specific student support services can be inquired about through case managers and school student support teams.


School Lunches

How/where can I pick up meals for my child(ren)?

Sumner County Schools has shifted to a Tuesday and Friday pick-up with more breakfasts and lunches per pick up. On Tuesdays, families will receive meals for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  On Fridays, families will receive meals for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Please visit www.sumnerschools.org for schedules and more information.

These activities are tentatively scheduled to resume on June 1 with restrictions on the number of students allowed to participate at one time. However, this date could be delayed depending on the latest information related to COVID-19.


Human Resources

Are schools still hiring right now?

Yes, schools are interviewing and hiring via Zoom or other methods. Interested applicants are encouraged to go to the Careers page to apply for teaching positions and get started on a career in Sumner County Schools.


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